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The mission statement at David Paris Consulting, LLC is to move companies into the Lean world by implementing Lean concepts to manufacturing and administrative processes. To improve; lead-time, space utilization, direct labor, indirect labor, quality, changeovers, capacity and employee satisfaction, always striving to accomplish 100% customer satisfaction. Producing Results To The Bottom Line


My Experience

David Paris Consulting provides education and training to support Lean Manufacturing, Lean Admini


David Paris Consulting provides education and training to support Lean Manufacturing, Lean Administration, 

Materials Management, Purchasing and Strategic Planning for companies who want to improve their "current state".  

Whether trying to improve profits, lead-time, quality, space utilization, WIP inventory, productivity, flexibility, 

dependability, or cost; Lean provides the pathway to success.  

Everything a company does is important.  From the quotation process to collecting the invoice for services rendered 

or goods supplied, there are costly non-value add activities built into the current process.  Companies who learn to identify and 

eliminate the non-value add activities incur significant gains in the business improvements mentioned above.  

Education and training prepares the management and employees to define a "future state" for the business which will

achieve all of the Lean business advantages.  Employees learn to balance production and eliminate waste to maximize 

output with less resources than are currently being expended.  After employees implement their own Lean ideas, they work 

hard to sustain their improvements.  

As a Lean Consultant I have successfully provided the training and guidance to several companies changing their 

cultures to Lean.  During the implementation process it is my goal to train the entire company to work in teams to make sustainable improvements.

About Me


When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy hiking with my two dogs, Fido and Cleo. My favorite weekend activity is enjoying the outdoors with my spouse and two kids.

David Paris


David Paris is a graduate of John Brown University with a degree in Organizational Management, and was on the Presidents Academic Honor List the entire time he attended JBU.  He is certified in Production and Inventory Management (CFPIM) at the “fellow” level and Integrated Resource Management (CIRM) by APICS. David is an authorized instructor of the 2008 APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop Series.  APICS is now known as the “The Association for Operations Management”.  The web site for this association is http://www.apics.org.  David was an active board member of Northwest Arkansas APICS for 7 years.  He has a NAPM Lifetime C.P.M. certification, and was a board member of NWA NAPM for 2 years.  David is an authorized facilitator for Integrated Enterprise Management, and has completed MFCI (Managing for Continuous Improvement) training.  He has completed 16 weeks of “Juran on Quality”, certified in Quality Analysis and Analytical Methods.  He has completed “World Class Manufacturing for Managers”, offered by R.D. Garwood in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is trained in Delphi Manufacturing Systems.

David is Past President and Certification Instructor for the Tulsa Chapter of APICS.  He served the Tulsa APICS chapter as President for 5 years.  While serving as President of APICS Northwest Arkansas for 3 years, he was able to build the educational program from approximately 10 students to over 65 students.  He taught at Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville, Arkansas in the Business and Industry Department from January 1995 through December 1997. He has taught CPIM, CIRM and C.P.M. certification classes in Arkansas and Oklahoma since 1989. 

David supported Worldwide Purchasing for ASEC Manufacturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma a subsidiary of Delphi, the largest auto parts manufacturer in the world.  He was hired to develop current and new suppliers both in domestic and international markets.  He earned over $5.5MM PPV in 1998 and over $10 MM PPV in 1999 while reducing inventory by 35% each year.  He established daily deliveries from suppliers in China, Japan, France and Germany.  David is trained in QS 9000 internal auditing and has audited suppliers in the US and China. 

While working at Danaher Tool Group in Fayetteville, AR., he establish Kan-Ban and JIT style inventory replenishment.  At Danaher he worked with two Sensei Masters from SHIN-GIJUTSU Co., LTD. of Japan performing Kaizens and received instructions for facilitating Kaizens. 

David has given many presentations including;  APICS International Conferences San Diego, Ca., in KC, MO., and Toronto, Ontario Canada, APICS 6-Packed Conference in Dallas, International Industrial Engineers Conference in Orlando, Fl., Oklahoma Conference on Manufacturing in OK City, several Southwestern Lean Summit in Tulsa, Southwest Purchasing Conference in Tulsa and NAPM and APICS professional development meetings in Tulsa and Arkansas.  He has been designated among the highest ranking of APICS International presenters.

David was a consultant in LEAN Manufacturing working for Industrial Solutions Incorporated (ISI) of Tulsa for over four years.  He taught LEAN 101, Strategic Planning, Facilitator Training, Value Stream Mapping, Setup Reduction, Cellular Flow, Total Productive Maintenance and 5S through the Oklahoma Alliance and Business and Industry Training Services (BITS) in conjunction with (NIST).  While David consulted for ISI he led over 30 companies in over 130 Lean management improvement activities resulting in an average of 40%-70% improvements in lead time, inventory, setups, scrap and rework and direct labor reduction has ranged from 15% to 68% with a cost savings from thousands to about one million dollars.

He left consulting temporarily to work full time as Chief Operating Officer with Bennett Steel Inc. in Sapulpa.  His primary objective was to implement Lean and assist in a company turnaround.  Prior to 2005, Bennett Steel had a negative net profit for at least a year and a half.  Bennett finished the 2005 fiscal year with a healthy net profit and the profits have continued to increase.  Bennett achieved the expected results and has the Lean techniques in place to carry forward.  Strategic planning is now in place to improve their future.  Additionally, David led the company in achieving AISC certification and establishing successful fitter/welder training classes through Central Tech Center, Workforce OK and Arbor Education.  The AISC inspector who certified Bennett Steel recently certified NSF in Egypt.  The AISC inspector informed NSF management that Bennett Steel is one of the most efficient steel fabrication companies in the USA and that Bennett does an excellent job with Lean manufacturing.

Since leaving Bennett Steel David led an entire company to Lean in just 8 weeks time.  MODCO, a small company near Houston, TX underwent a complete corporate turnaround through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing and Lean Management.  They almost eliminated parts shortages and improved capacity to increase output of 3 families by; 75%, 95% and 287%.  He gave a presentation illustrating how the company was converted to Lean at the APICS International Convention in Toronto in October of 2009.  Their lead-time was reduced from about 16 weeks to 6 weeks.

David was part of a team leading LIMCO Airepair, Inc. to design a lean facility to create flow production, establish standard work instructions for several processes, reduce changeovers on a CNC HAAS 6 machining center from 3 hours to 10 minutes, design assembly and braze fixtures and produce value stream maps to direct flow production for their main families.

David recently led Auto Turn Manufacturing, Inc., a machine shop in Broken Arrow, OK, in their lean conversion.  Their setup reduction (averaging over 65%) and administrative kaizen teams have provided remarkable improvements in a very high tech company.  Auto-Turn was written-up in a very complimentary article and honored by IMTS (International Technology Manufacturing Show) in Chicago before making remarkable improvements through Lean Manufacturing.  Their use of the E2 software system is controlling inventory and scheduling jobs in a Lean fashion to improve lead-time and better utilize equipment.  The organization’s current status places them in an elite status far above most machine shops.  The organization’s high tech environment is located in an old facility utilizing older equipment and a local, Oklahoma workforce.

He recently led Preston-Eastin, a Tulsa manufacturer, in their lean conversion.  They were successful with setup reduction (averaging over 60% improvement) and kaizen improvement activities reducing the lead-time, or throughput time, from several weeks to a few days.  Visual pull signals and strategic planning have aided in delivering standard product and Engineered To Order (ETO) product faster than the industry standard expected by the customer.  This delivery lead-time phenomenon is responsible for increased sales in a down economy.

David is leading CareFusion of Mannford, Oklahoma in their Lean conversion.  They have improved processes (in one case reducing rework and scrap about 60% or more), reduced changeovers (averaging over 60% improvement).   We completed an administrative kaizen eliminating many hours of paperwork associated with work orders (sheets of paper were reduced from 110 pages to 5 pages).  The throughput time, or lead time, was reduced from 130 days to 18 days over a 6 month period in the first value stream of product and the second value stream is expected to be reduced from 185 days lead time to about 40 days within the next few months.  The Work In Process (WIP) time for each value stream will be less than one week.  The next steps include converting four value streams to Lean including the Sales and Operations process through the entire supply chain and level loading the entire plant to meet the needs of the distribution centers.

Commendation for H. David Paris Mr. Paris has been an influential leader and trainer in the Oklahoma manufacturing community for over 20 years. His breadth of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. He has conducted hundreds of training sessions, seminars, workshops and team events that have generated significant benefits to organizations of all types. Mr. Paris has worked with all levels of management to create enhanced value through the application of advanced manufacturing techniques and strategies. He is well-versed in all of the modern management methods, including the Toyota Production System. Mr. Paris has demonstrated a track record of successful implementation and is proficient in skills to work with all levels of an organization to improve performance. His background and perspective will be of great interest to any organization looking for a deeper understanding of how to improve performance. Gerry Raubach President, Industrial Solutions, Inc. Tulsa, Oklahoma Letter from MODCO Re: Dave Paris Consulting, LLC Lean Manufacturing Implementation To Whom It May Concern: Dave Paris brought lean manufacturing to Modco Industries and totally changed the value proposition for our company. The primary need from our customers is on time delivery so projects can be installed as soon as possible in order for production to start up. Each hour of downtime is lost money that can not be gotten back. Dave Paris delivered two results that contributed to the improved sustainable success of our company. At the end of our lean implementation we were able to shorten our delivery times and increase our production capacity both of which will help increase sales and are critical success factors for our business. The lean implementation cut delivery lead times to 6-8 weeks from 16 weeks which is a large factor for our customers selecting us as a preferred provider. This implementation also significantly increased our production capacity by 75% to 95% in our highest margin product lines and 287% in our required short lead time product line. Both of these achievements drive profitability in our company by improving sales and lowering cost through productivity improvements. Just a couple of examples of what drove these improvements are setting up Kan- Ban cards assuring that we do not run out of parts that can shut down production lines and rearrangement of equipment in family lines that reduced production times and increased production capacity. In fact the implementation of lean allowed us to weather the 2009 economic downturn by improving profit margins while weathering revenue drops but gaining market share in a under performing historical market sector. Finally, Dave was hands on involved with our employees in implementing lean. He did not just lecture but showed how and mentored through the changes. I highly recommend Dave's process and implementation of lean manufacturing for your business and would be happy to discuss your decision. Respectfully, Mark H. Morelli Managing Partner 5100 E Skelly Dr. Suite 1040 Tulsa, OK 74135 April 21, 2010

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