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Commendation for H. David Paris


Mr. Paris has been an influential leader and trainer in the Oklahoma manufacturing community for over 20 years. His breadth of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. He has conducted hundreds of training sessions, seminars, workshops and team events that have generated significant benefits to organizations of all types. Mr. Paris has worked with all levels of management to create enhanced value through the application of advanced manufacturing techniques and strategies. He is well-versed in all of the modern management methods, including the Toyota Production System. Mr. Paris has demonstrated a track record of successful implementation and is proficient in skills to work with all levels of an organization to improve performance. His background and perspective will be of great interest to any organization looking for a deeper understanding of how to improve performance.



Gerry Raubach

President, Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Letter from MODCO

Re: Dave Paris Consulting, LLC Lean Manufacturing Implementation

To Whom It May Concern:
Dave Paris brought lean manufacturing to Modco Industries and totally changed the value
proposition for our company. The primary need from our customers is on time delivery
so projects can be installed as soon as possible in order for production to start up. Each
hour of downtime is lost money that can not be gotten back. Dave Paris delivered two
results that contributed to the improved sustainable success of our company. At the end
of our lean implementation we were able to shorten our delivery times and increase our
production capacity both of which will help increase sales and are critical success factors for our business.
The lean implementation cut delivery lead times to 6-8 weeks from 16 weeks which is a large factor for our customers selecting us as a preferred provider. This implementation also significantly increased our production capacity by 75% to 95% in our highest margin product lines and 287% in our required short lead time product line. Both of these achievements drive profitability in our company by improving sales and lowering cost through productivity improvements. Just a couple of examples of what drove these improvements are setting up Kan- Ban cards assuring that we do not run out of parts that can shut down production lines and rearrangement of equipment in family lines that reduced production times and increased production capacity.
In fact the implementation of lean allowed us to weather the 2009 economic downturn by improving profit margins while weathering revenue drops but gaining market share in a under performing historical market sector. Finally, Dave was hands on involved with our employees in implementing lean. He did not just lecture but showed how and mentored through the changes. I highly recommend Dave's process and implementation of lean manufacturing for your business and would be happy to discuss your decision.

Mark H. Morelli
Managing Partner
5100 E Skelly Dr. Suite 1040
Tulsa, OK 74135
April 21, 2010

David Paris Consulting

10025 E. 39th Street
, Oklahoma  74146

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