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About Us

David Paris Consulting provides education and training to support Lean Manufacturing, Lean Administration,
Materials Management, Purchasing and Strategic Planning for companies who want to improve their "current state". 
Whether trying to improve profits, lead-time, quality, space utilization, WIP inventory, productivity, flexibility,
dependability, or cost; Lean provides the pathway to success. 

Everything a company does is important.  From the quotation process to collecting the invoice for services rendered
or goods supplied, there are costly non-value add activities built into the current process.  Companies who learn to identify and
eliminate the non-value add activities incur significant gains in the business improvements mentioned above. 

Education and training prepares the management and employees to define a "future state" for the business which will
 achieve all of the Lean business advantages.  Employees learn to balance production and eliminate waste to maximize
output with less resources than are currently being expended.  After employees implement their own Lean ideas, they work
hard to sustain their improvements. 

As a Lean Consultant I have successfully provided the training and guidance to several companies changing their
cultures to Lean.  During the implementation process it is my goal to train the entire company to work in teams to make sustainable improvements.

David Paris Consulting

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